Discovering New Zealand : Travel Time & Day 1

After 3 flights, 21 hours of actual travel, 4 hours of sleep and arrival about 30 hours later I can honestly say it was not as bad as I expected even though Thai Airways entertainment was not very entertaining. I did try to ask to upgrade to business class for the last leg which would have cost €1300 when my whole flight cost €1000. I just laughed.

Laws about what food or diseases you could possibly bring into the country are very strict upon arrival in NZ. So you need to have cleaned your trekking boots and almost no food is welcome. They are nice about it if you declare it on the arrival form not so nice if you don’t.

After a few hours drive along the West Coast Beaches where I was greeted by stunning views, waterfalls and cute wild pigs and piglets I arrived at Casa Aquila Boutique B&B in Whitianga to be greeted by the very friendly owners, Paula and John, who welcomed me into their gorgeous home with very refreshing NZ wine, cheese a beautiful sunset and a hot tub to relax in after.

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