Alone at last

For a long time, I have been wanting to travel alone. Everyone says it is easy and you will meet so many people that you will probably never actually be alone. I don’t mind my own company, so being alone would not bother me as long as I feel safe. I’ve been single for some time and I love to travel. I have often travelled alone, but joined a group, which has worked out fine and I have been very lucky with the person I’ve shared a room with. I also have a few single friends with whom I’ve travelled, mostly that has worked out well too, but I really wanted to experience doing it alone. And now I have and I may never go back to travelling  with anyone again. Haha no, that’s a joke. I love my friends and I’m happy to travel with the easy going ones any time.

So my first attempt of going it alone, and since I live in Europe, was a long weekend to a European capital. I didn’t want to venture too far, just in case I hated it. The plan was to travel to a place where I had never been and where I didn’t know anyone. I love to research the place I’m visiting, so I did this and prepared my itinerary in detail, just because I love doing this, not because I am a stickler for detail, but I like to be organised and I don’t want to miss out on any of the must see sights.

However, my plan went to pot, as on the plane, in the same row as me, there was a friend of mine also travelling to the same destination, alone!.  So we did a few things together but did our own separate things too. I met someone on a local tour I joined and then together we visited a sight and then had lunch together, which I believe felt like the authentic part of travelling alone. I also originally thought I would not know anyone, because the only person I sort of knew (whom I’d only met once before), was not supposed to be in town, but he was. So I met him for coffee on one day and then a very long lazy lunch on another day.

But, the hardest feat I had to accomplish was dinner on my own in a a nice restaurant. And I have. And it feels so liberating. I know for many people it is really no big deal but I have always felt really uncomfortable dining on my own for dinner. Lunch has never been a problem, as I can read a book, but feel weird doing that in a nice restaurant in the evening. So I went to a restaurant that was recommended and ordered a glass of champagne to start with, then I ordered food with a glass of wine and just ate slowly and savoured every bite and watched what was going on around me and even ordered a dessert after, to prolong the evening as I was really enjoying myself and never once did I feel uncomfortable. So that mission is accomplished and I look forward to my next trip alone and also to trying it out in the city I live in, to hopefully be able to feel the same way at home too.

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